We specifically ask our customers to give us their feedback about MiniCat. Some of it is used to improve the boat, some are just nice comments. Read some of them here, it may help you to make up your mind about purchasing MiniCat.

“I Love My MiniCat 420. I have sailed a SuperCat 17′ for over 30 years and found it heart braking to sell it. I needed a boat that would be less expensive to keep, easy to store and transport as well as fun to sail. Looking on the internet I found a number of inflatable catamarans to choose from and I began to compare cost and features. Some were not more than toys and some were too big for my needs.
I came upon the MiniCat 420 and found it’s quality design and construction plus it’s hardware and rigging to be a serious sailboat. The price was competitive with other boats but I was not sure about shipping to the USA as well as parts and service. I found a dealer in Budapest who had in stock a display model that was a year old that had never been sailed for a good price and I bought it.
The dealer was also a 420 owner and experienced sailer who was very helpful and knowledgeable. When it arrived there was a minor rigging error from the factory that was replaced right away.
I love the way it sails and how easy it is to assemble and store.
Most of the time I sail single handed but it is comfortable for two people.
MiniCat is a wonderful boat and the company is serious about customer care. I couldn’t ask for more.”
GRAHAM CLARKE, United Kingdom
“My experience of the MiniCat 420 so far….
We purchased our MiniCat 420 in early September 2012. Delivery was very quick – only 3 days from CZ to the UK !
We have used the boat 3 times so far, but intend to get sailing again when the weather improves.
The Good Points – Easy to sail even for a beginner, it is very fast and picks up in even a gentle breeze. The boat is well built and good quality components used throughout. Out of all the inflatable cats out there I would say that the MiniCat is the best value for money and has the best design features.
The fact that all the attachments for building the boat are connected which means you don’t lose things on the beach. Boat is easy to clean and dry off after use.
The Bad Points – Takes more time than 30 minutes to setup (The cable connections could be colour coded to help find the correct connection. The mast for one person is difficult to raise with the sail connections in place. I would recommend buying a good electric pump to help speed up inflation of the hulls as they are large and hold a lot of air. The boat is quite heavy and bulky once built (again a lot for one person).
I certainly would recommend buying one of these boats if you want to get out onto the water with the family and don’t have much storage space when not in use.
Thanks again Petra for your help and advice during the sales / delivery process.”

“I’d like to thank you for your accuracy during our contacts previous year and to wish you health and full success with your business.
I bought from your company MiniCat 310 Sport and I enjoyed it very much last summer. About this short period of use , I haven’t spot any marks of damage. Thank you. “



“The MiniCat is a little beast. I own a 420 Emotion and never had so much fun with a small boat. It sails perfectly in 2-4 knots winds (to the annoyment of my KiteSurfer friends who have to sit and watch from the beach) and handles itself well in winds up to 20 knots (that requires some sailing skills, due to it’s low weight, minuscule fins and generous sail area). But then again, if you pull this off, the KiteSurfer friends are getting double-annoyed :-) Plus, it launches from the beach single-handedly. All-in-all, if you like sailing, there is no excuse not to own one .”



“With virtually no overheads, such as mooring fees or the cost of a trailer, this is a very cheap way of owning a small boat. Small enough to fit in a large deck locker or possibly below a bunk, the MiniCat would also be a fun addition aboard any cruising yacht. With the ability to sail in as little as 30cm of water it has the potential to offer a platform for exploring remote areas of shallow coastline without disrupting the environment.”



“….what a great boat, I have my MiniCat at my flat in Spain, I keep it in the cupboard and can now sail even when I’m only there for a couple of days. I’m really surprised how responsive it is to sail and what fun it is… just what I was looking for, but never knew existed! Thanks for your help and the prompt delivery…”



“an exciting product… a product that I think the market has been needing for some time…”


BEN SUTCLIFFE, United Kingdom

….”it does exactly what it says on the tin….”