New Minicat member - "Guppy" launching in London boat show 2018


We are so exited to see our newly design Guppy, an easy and fast set up Mincat that base on Minicat 310 series,
with new frame structure, that alow a easy and shorten setup time. Details and pricing will be updated soon!


Cool updated design  for Minicat 310

310 Sport coloursNew sail - 310 Sport - 1jib furler 310 - 2Trampolína 310.CDR


Minicat 420 upgrade kit

For owners of 420 Emotion, 420 Evoque and 420 Laura Dekker ltd. there is UPGRADE PACKAGE available from April 2018.

It includes:

  • New stronger mast (profile as on 460)
  • 420 Gennaker
  • 420 Snuffer (pocket for the Gennaker)
  • Stainless Steel Rope



For ordering please contact our exclusive distributor Ecbc outdoor sports.

Minicat JIB FURLER upgrade


One of the biggest upgrades on all MiniCat models is the new JIB FURLER. It is quick, easy & reliable and makes a positive change to your sailing experience and to your sailing catamaran all over.

If your boat is from 2016 and before and you wish to replace your jib furler for the new one, on 420 or 460 MiniCat models you can simply purchase a new one and change it on your boat yourself. If you have 310 model, you will also need a new jib for your sailboat MiniCat.