New MiniCat member - 520 Explorer

2024- MiniCat 520 Explorer- coming soon...

For almost two years we have been working on an new expedition/touring style

of MiniCat and we are beyond excited to finally get the first boats in the water

for extreme endurance testing in the harsh conditions they were designed for.


The MiniCat Expedition Team is right now in the north of Norway to spend a week

sailing inside the Arctic Circle to fully test these first boats before we start full production.

The team is led by Dave King a renowned and extremely experienced arctic explorer

and expedition leader, and amongst the team of experienced extreme sailors,

he’s also joined by ‘Mr. MiniCat’ himself, Martin Horak.


Base Camp is established, and Dave & Martin had the first sail under the midnight sun last night.

Their first impressions are very positive and even beyond expectations. So far,

the weather is bright but cold, however the coming days are due to deliver a lot of rain and wind.

stay tune!


All new design MiniCat 310 is available now

New Guppy 2023

The new flexible composite mast fixed simply in the frame

with no anchoring lines. it prevents sailor from easily capsizing.

It also makes the assembly easier and even quicker !

Floats diameter from 330 to 390mm

Main Sail from 3.9m to 4.5m

Here are the comparison from previous model

All new design MiniCat 310 is available now

Designed for individual sailors who like speed and performance or families seeking a compact and safe boat to have fun with.

Due to the new size and design of the 310 floats pre-fixed to the main frame with trampoline, the set-up of 310 can be achieved in only 15-20 minutes. At just 32,5 kg (5kg saving over the previous 310), portability and performance are both increased.

  • 3-piece Aluminium Mast – grey & black powder coated
  • Main Sail - 3.75 m2 (no boom)
  • Jib - 1.50 m2
  • Aluminium Rudder
  • Grey Floats pre-fixed to the main frame
  • Black Main Trampoline fixed with special grab-handles
  • Long Keel Fins - same fixing as with 420 models
  • Super easy and fast assembly
  • Fits in a single bag 1600 x 320 x 360 mm


MiniCat 420 15th Anniversary edition


Technical info:

length 4200 mm
width 2100 mm
height of mast 5050 mm
weight 44 kg
diameter of floats 450 mm
sail main sail + jib
main sail 6.5 m2
jib 3.2m2
trampoline 1900 x 1350 mm
dimention of the bag 2 x 1750x300x300 mm
design category 'D'
carrying capacity 450 kg
number of persons 4
time of assembly / dismanting 30 min.

FITTINGSFittings from the companies Ronstan, Seasure, Clamcleat and Suchomel are used throughout the MiniCat. All spare parts and accessories are available. See our Parts &  Accessories Catalogue.

New Minicat member - "Guppy" launching in London boat show 2018


We are so exited to see our newly design Guppy, an easy and fast set up Mincat that base on Minicat 310 series,
with new frame structure, that alow a easy and shorten setup time. Details and pricing will be updated soon!


Cool updated design  for Minicat 310

310 Sport coloursNew sail - 310 Sport - 1jib furler 310 - 2Trampolína 310.CDR