Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Does MiniCat have a guarantee?
ANSWER: Yes – MiniCat has a full 24 months warranty from the manufacturer. In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect at all, please contact the retailer or distributor where you bought your MiniCat and they will take care of your warranty claim.

QUESTION: Do I need a sailing licence for a MiniCat?
ANSWER: No – no licence is required for using a MiniCat, although if you are a complete novice we would recommend a short beginners sailing course.

QUESTION: Is it possible to launch the boat and get the boat out of the water single-handedly?
ANSWER: Yes – the MiniCat is specifically designed and manufactured to allow for single person usage. The carrying, assembly, disassembly, launching and sailing can all be carried out on your own.

QUESTION: Can inflatable boats be used in the sea (salt water) as well as fresh water?
ANSWER: Absolutely – YES!! The ocean or inland waters are the natural habitat for MiniCat. We recommend that you rinse the boat with fresh water after use and clean individual parts from time to time.

QUESTION: How tough is the boat? How will the material stand up against sand, small stones, rocks and abrasive surfaces?
ANSWER: An inflatable boat has the advantage that the inflatable surface gives way slightly to external pressure and therefore no hole emerges. Stones in the water are generally smooth and so don’t cause any damage. Sand will not cause any abrasions to the surface under normal usage. Some very sharp corals or metal objects may damage the material. Please note that the MiniCat is supplied with a repair kit, small repairs to the floats are a simple task.

QUESTION: Do you need any skills or tools to assemble a MiniCat?
ANSWER: No, The simple yet sturdy design allows you to set up the MiniCat with just your hands. No tools are needed. Everything you need is in the bag for you to be ready to set sail.

QUESTION: What sailing experience do you need to have to sail a MiniCat?
ANSWER: Most UK sailing clubs recommend that you have at least an RYA 2 before sailing any small craft, but if you have any sailing or even sail-board experience then you should be able to sail a MiniCat

QUESTION: Where can I sail a MiniCat?
ANSWER: You can sail a MiniCat pretty much anywhere, rivers, lakes or the sea. All you need is about a foot of water and a light breeze.

QUESTION:Is MiniCat Safe?
ANSWER:Safety is always first. MiniCat has undergone three years of testing and engineering to get the right stability and strength in all of its component parts. It is recommended that you do not go sailing on your own, and always let people know where you are and when you are likely to be back. Remember water can be dangerous if it is not treated with the respect it deserves.