The size is based on our very popular 310 model but with GUPPY it is all about the simplicity

and speed of assembly. Due to the specially developed design of floats already fixed with the

frame the set up takes you 10 minutes from start to finish.

GUPPY is also exceptionally light (just 26 kg) and with grab-handles on the trampoline manipulation

is easy especially for children. Funky design of the sail and no jib makes this dinghy sailboat appeal

especially to first-time young sailors who want to learn the sailing technics have fun and experience

some adrenalin rushes.


  • 3-piece aluminium powder-coated mast with circular profile
  • Main sail 3.9 m2 from Dakron (no boom)
  • Aluminium ‘spine’ frame permanently attached to trampoline
  • Aluminium powder-coated frame finished in 3 colours
  • Trampoline 1600 x 1450mm with totally new design fixed with special grab-handles
  • Shorter but deeper keel fins, same fixing as with 420 models
  • No stainless steel ropes underneath the trampoline
  • Single design, single colour-scheme



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460 ESPRIT now with optional GENNAKER

The 460 Esprit has been out for more than six months now and it become very popular especially for those who have been waiting for something bigger and faster.


It is everything you wished for; great piece of engineering, fast sailing, funky design, great colour scheme and still very compact when packed. More details and technical specs you can find on 420 Esprit page.

Now you can also sail your 460 Esprit with GENNAKER. The design is black & white and the size of this unique sail is 12 m².

Retail price is HK$ 9500 .

To order please contact ECBC outdoor sports.

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