Want to take your own sailing boat on holiday? Want to go sailing at the weekend, but don’t have space for your own boat?

It’s so simple – from being stored in your cupboard, just load it in the car. One or two bags – depending on the model, weighing from just 24 kg – it is MiniCat. This is a unique sailing boat – a catamaran with inflatable floats.

It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in one (model 310) or two bags (model 420), so you do not need a trailer complicating your journey. Simply load the bag and go.

For all fans of sailing and water-sports MiniCat offers the perfect, affordable opportunity to own a sailing boat without any storage or transport worries.


MiniCat allows you to spend your free time sailing without all the usual complications of owning a boat.

The bag can be carried by an adult, there is no need to take the car to the water’s edge.

The ingenious design enables MiniCat to be assembled single-handedly without tools in approx 30 minutes; the disassembly time is even shorter (instruction DVD and printed iinstruction manual included). This means that you can go for a quick sail whenever you want.